Be Prepared To Demonstrate The Things That Employers Value
Be Prepared to Demonstrate the Things That Employers Value
As college graduates enter to world of work, employers will be watching them and evaluating their job performance. New employees are expected to accept the culture, fit in and prove that they belong.
Employers want new employees to hit the ground running, perform at a high level and impress everyone they work with or encounter. In other words, recent grads must earn their way into the company by making solid contributions.
What is important to employers?
1. Performance - Results are important. Employees who consistently meet or exceed the expected quality and quantity requirements of the job are likely to be valued.
2. Professionalism - An employee's behavior, speech, dress, decisions and performance are expected to be businesslike. Employers want employees to make them look good.
3. Attitude - When new employees offer employers an "I'll do what it takes" attitude, they will be on the right track. Employers need people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, put in a few extra hours or offer creative solutions to problems.
4. Communication - The ability to write to, speak with and influence members of management, coworkers, customers and suppliers is a necessary component of business success.
5. Good Manners - Employees tell others who they are by the way they treat them and by the way they behave in social settings. Being courteous, respectful, kind and helpful will get new employees off to a good start.
6. Authenticity - No employer will tolerate a fake or phony for very long. They want employees who are comfortable and confident enough to share their opinions and ideas, as well as admit their mistakes and shortcomings. Importantly, they want employees who consistently do what they say they will do.  Their actions and results match their words.
7. Determination - Success is not handed to anyone.  Employees must want it and fight for it.  The road to success is traveled by focused people who don't give up and don't quit, the ones who solve the problems and take things to the next level.
For young adults who are launching their careers, these seven points will help to position them for success.  A reputation is important. What others think and say about a new employee will matter.
Since changing jobs is something most people will do periodically, it is their reputation, their performance and their behavior that will keep them on the road to success.